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Firewall Problems

You have a firewall installed on your system and are having problems accessing the catalogue. So why is this? Well, our site is one of the securest catalogue sites on the net. As such our online catalogue needs to verify that you are who you say you are. This is done by our server talking with your system. If your firewall blocks this talk then the catalogue will not work. We could cop out and use an unsecured system, but we take pride in our customer confidentiality and security.


Disable your firewall.

Allow your firewall to access the IP

Lower your browser security setting.


Microsoft Windows XP

You are running the latest Microsoft Windows XP. So why are you having problems? Windows XP (the version of Windows XP which Microsoft began shipping in the Fall of 2001) shipped with the Microsoft VM (a piece of software that runs Java applets) as a Web-installable component of the product. Sun Microsystems brought a lawsuit against Microsoft in March, alleging that Microsoft's distribution of the virtual machine in Windows XP over the Web is unlicensed and constitutes copyright infringement. Rather than argue about it Microsoft decided to disabled the installation of the Microsoft VM on Windows XP machines that didn't already have a Microsoft VM (systems that updated from Win 95/98/ME). So how do you fix this?


Install the Microsoft Java VM by going to ( )

Install the Sun Java VM by going to (


Apple Macintosh

You're running an apple Macintosh and can't access the site. Why not? In order to access the catalogue (in Java) properly you must be running the latest browser for your Mac. Using the most resent upto date software allows your system to be secure and access new features. So how do I fix it?


Download the latest Netscape Browser at ( )

Download the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer at ( )


Catalogue Size

You’ve come to view the catalogue but think it’s a bit slow. Why is this? With over 110,000 unique items listed online our catalogue is by far the largest selection of comics on the web worldwide. We have 900,000 comics in stock and 110,000 different items listed online. Our catalogue pages load differently to our competitors. When you click on a page listing, it may take 30-40 seconds to load first time around, but then you will have a selection of 600 items on that page in front of you. And will be able to scroll down at great speed, rather than the alternative way the majority of our competitors use. Which is to have 20 items listed on a page. It may load in 5-10 seconds but consider how long it will take yo